Indoor RV Storage

Published on 8/17/2021

RV Class A Indoor StorageFor large campers, trailer, or very large RVs indoor storage can be a great option. Indoor RV storage at a facility is going to be the most expensive option, but also offers the most protection. However, it is hard to come by, indoor RV storage not the most common RV storage method people choose. There are next to none indoor facilities in Maine except for Central Maine RV Storage in Corinna, ME


·         Security – Four walls, a locked door, and a secure facility will protect your RV from theft and vandalism. Most self storage facilities have security features that you simply can’t replicate at home.  

·         Protected from weather conditions– Indoor storage keeps your RV safe from the damaging effects of the sun, severe cold, rain, damaging ice and snow.

·         Eliminate the hazards and accelerated depreciation that occurs with outdoor storage, or the hassles of local zoning laws. Eliminate the high cost of in-water storage. Store your RV at Central Maine RV Storage, where your vehicle will be Dry, Safe and Secure! We offer 24/7 video security. Additionally our facility is treated for the winter critters!!!

·    Access – Only the staff of Central Maine RV Storage can access the facility.  No other vehicle owner will be able to access you unit.

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