15+ Helpful RV Rules For The Road

Published on 8/23/2021

RV Rule #1:  There is no hurry

Setting an agenda, over-planning, and plotting out stop-by-stop overnights is way too organized. It causes you to miss the things you can’t find in a book or through online research, the things that just happen, like taking a road far off the interstate just because it looks interesting.

Rule #2:  Don’t believe interstate exit signs

Interstate signs like that are common and are often a scam to lure unsuspecting travelers off the road to patronize the local merchants. 

Rule #3:  Stay off the Interstates 

They are boring. You’re in a tunnel. Trapped on the concrete. Buffeted by trucks. Surrounded by eye pollution in the form of roadside signs.

Forced to drive at ridiculously fast speeds. Everything around you blurs by. The only food available at the exits is invariably bad fast food.

Our 15 Helpful RV Rules for the Road 1

Rule #4:  GPS units are all unreliable

If you rely totally on GPS to get you somewhere, sooner or later you’re going to miss your mark and be lost. That's one of the RV rules for the road you can count on.

NO matter if it’s Garmin, Magellan, TomTom, Rand McNally, Clarion, the GPS apps, Google, Verizon, and the GPS apps offered on Android and Apple devices. They all fail. They all are incomplete.

Solution—utilize paper maps to save your day.

 Rule #5:  Take less clothing

Consider using eBags, soft little easy-to-store bags that hold an amazing amount of clothes.

You can also find some great organizational accessories provided by Organized Obie, to maximize your RV storage space.

Rule #6:  You really can overnight in a rest area

Rest areas are to rest. Pulling in after dark and leaving in the morning after a night’s sleep is not going to get you in trouble unless you make it look like you are spending the weekend. 

Rule #7:  Stay away from trucks when overnighting

Whether a Walmart or a rest area, steer clear of trucks. They run their engines all night long. They pollute everything around them. They are noisy.

 Rule #8:  Good camp chairs are a must

Consider using gravity chairs that let you lie back and look at the sky. Also referred to as look-at-the-sky-chairs. They are inconvenient when it comes to traveling with them but so worth it when you may want to relax somewhere. They can be stored folded up in the back of your coach.

Our 15 Helpful RV Rules for the Road 2

Rule #9:  Follow the 330 rule

The 330 rule is “you stop when you have driven 330 miles or it’s 3:30 in the afternoon.”

The idea is to get somewhere while it is still early enough to explore, chill, enjoy the place when you’re not wasted from driving mega miles.

Is there anything worse than pulling into a campsite after dark? Less mileage and stopping early is a great mantra.

 Rule #10: Put away the bed

Best for Class B owners and a personal preference.  Sleep with the bed made up as a king. Every morning, put it and the bedding away and make the back into a sofa again. It’s neater, gives us more space a place to eat, work on the computer, and not feel cramped.

 Rule #11:  Eat out often

No need to feel guilty about this: Spend a lot of the time eating in restaurants. Fix breakfast in the coach, usually something simple like cereal and a banana. Carry a small French Press coffee maker and make two cups every morning.

Pick up lunch at a restaurant and, about every other day, find a local place for dinner. When you do fix dinner in the RV, it’s simple and light, like grilled chicken strips over a salad. Use the Cuisinart Griddler for grilling and most of the cooking instead of a charcoal or propane grill.

The local restaurants really give you a feel for the people and place. It’s as much a cultural experience as it is convenient.  

Rule #12:  Campground Wi-Fi is a joke

Don’t even bother. Unless you are the only campers around.  

Campground Wi-Fi is shared. That means s-l-o-w. Carry your own Verizon Mi-Fi data card to create our own network. All the carriers have similar devices.

 Rule #13:  Winter can be as much fun as summer 

You can camp out in our motorhome all year round. It’s just as easy to RV in the winter as it is in the summer.

Winter RVing is awesome. The crowds are gone, the snow makes everything beautiful and it is really, really fun. 

Rule #14: Don't make impulsive purchases

You’ll mess up all the time and end up selling the impulse on Craig’s List. 

Case in point: Two folding bikes. I shelled out over $1200 to buy two Bike Friday folding bikes a while ago when I saw them at a rally in Oregon.  Big mistake.


The more we RV, the less we find we need to pack. And the more we RV, the more we learn to stand by these RV Rules for the road. 

Rule #15: The RV Lifestyle can be very unhealthy

Food and drink consumption need to be controlled.

Yes, very nice campgrounds and very nice people still stuck in the 60’s in which every day was themed to some event that involved alcohol. Non-stop oldies with seniors on perpetual spring breaks. This is very unhealthy.   Also, in between hiking, biking, and such, there is a lot of sitting involved in RV travel. Driving from place to place can result in a couch potato body if you're not making healthy food choices.

It's very easy to adopt the “vacation diet” (a.k.a. overeat diet) or the “road trip diet” (a.k.a. fast food diet) when living the RV lifestyle. But the importance of staying healthy while RVing should not be underestimated.

 Last But Not Least

 Rule #16: Winter RV Storage 

If you are a Northern New Englander and you want to take a break from your RV fun in the Winter. Protect your investment. Park your RV in an indoor storage facility. This will protect your investment form the harsh inclement weather.  Freezing and thawing is challenging at best for your unit. 

Call the folks at Central Maine RV Storage in Corinna, ME, just off I-95 west and south of Bangor, ME and just north of Augusta, ME. They offer indoor storage and cater to RV storage with 24/7 Security. Come Spring you can pick up where you left off. 

They can be reached at 207- 278-2113 or Click Here For The Central Maine RV Storage website.